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Monday, December 26, 2011

Sarah's Super Center Specialty Gifts and Bargains After Holiday Sale & December New Arrivals

 Hello Sarah's Super Center Fans and Bloggers. I hope you all are enjoying your time off for the holidays, and are staying safe out there. There's been some crazy shopping stories in the news lately. It seems like Black Friday all over again. I'm guessing you all know what I'm referring to; the Air Jordans Death incidences. That's right. People were killed trying to buy a pair of the New Air Jordan shoes, selling for about $180 a pair. Boy, I'm so glad for Internet shopping. I stay home on Black Friday. And now, I'm staying home after Christmas too. This has just gotten out of hand.

Well, I invite you to shop my Specialty Gifts and Bargains Store online. Here's some of the items you can expect to find.

Shop our Winter Specials & December New Arrivals

Thanks for blogging with us. Feel free to add your comments or questions or contact us. Visit for savings on specialty gift and everyday items; buy bulk and save.
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Announcement: Sarah's Super Center Dollar Days Distributor Store Closing!

Hello Sarah's Super Center Fans!
I am announcing the closing of our Dollar Days distributorship closing. As many of you know, we were co-branded with Dollar Days Wholesale. We will continue to bring you great deals from Dollar Days, but will no longer carry our branded logo & links within the wholesalers website.

Businesses and consumers can continue to enjoy the savings updates from us, pertaining to Dollar Days, as well as shop our new Wholesale Store at Sarah's Super Center Specialty Gifts and Bargains, (with over 5,000 items in stock)

Thanks for blogging with us. Feel free to add your comments or questions or contact us.
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